Izuru Tomonaga
Izuru Tomonaga
Name Izuru Tomonaga
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 15
Personal Status
Status Alive (Revived)
Professional Status
Affiliation Class 4
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Naraka High School
Kanji seal
Translation Steal
Seal location Above left eyebrow

'Izuru Tomonaga' is one of the antagonists of Aphorism. Together with his childhood friend Ryou Mukai, he enrolled in Naraka to seek revenge for the death of his elder brother Satoshi Tomonaga at Naraka High School.


Izuru has spiked black hair and black eyes. His bangs are parted on the left side, revealing his character which is located above his eyebrow. He is one of the tallest characters in the series. He wears the standard Naraka High School uniform.


Tomonaga's seal is the character 'tou', meaning 'steal', which allows him to steal anything, including things such as human body parts/organs. The range--how far away the thing he is trying to steal--of his powers is limited, although this range is never mentioned. He also cannot steal something from something he cannot see or does not know, as seen by him being unable to kill Rokudou, Tatsumi and Mikotogawa when they vanished from sight with the help of Katou's "Erase".


Original Meaning of 「盗」

「盗」is a modern form of the ancient character 「盜」. The upper part of 「盜」 comes from the lower part of the character 「羨」 which implies "jealousy" and "being jealous". This may imply that stealing is an act of jealous people who desire others' property and relationships.


Before the start of the story, Tomonaga had an older brother named Satoshi who went to Naraka High School but was later killed in the school. Tomonaga realizes his brother has died when he gets a call from Satoshi, only to hear that Satoshi does not remember the promise made between the two of them about Satoshi becoming "Ichiro the second" (as Satoshi loved baseball and wanted to become a professional baseball player). Tomonaga investigates Naraka High School and finds a message board discussing how if a person were to receive a fake phone call from their relative, that relative is most likely dead. Unable to believe this, Tomonaga goes to the location in the message board where dead Naraka High School students were being supposedly disposed of. There, he meets Ryo Mukai and her aunt, a doctor, as well as other people who had lost a family in Naraka.

After breaking into the school, Tomonaga finds the mountain of corpses, where he begins searching for his brother's bones, and becomes obsessed with finding a piece of his brother in the mountain of decay. He begins searching through the corpses daily, becoming infuriated whenever a new pile of corpses would be added to the pile and would rip them out of the way, claiming that they would bury his brother. Ryo Mukai also assists him in his search.

Eventually, he finds a small piece of his brother's bones and decides, after finding it, to enroll in Naraka High School to avenge his brother.

On the first day of classes in Naraka, after Tomonaga activates his seal, he kills Class 4's teacher by stealing his eyes and pushing him out the classroom window. Tomonaga then takes over control of Class 4 and begins a regime of fear in the classroom by showing that he will not hesistate to hurt or kill anyone that defies him. He is greatly feared and obeyed by the rest of Class 4 then because of his power and ruthlessness.

After Tatsumi and Mikotogawa decide to betray Class 4 and turn to Class 1 for help to resist Tomonaga, Tomonaga steals Tatsumi's vocal cords and steals Mikotogawa's eyes as punishment. Class 1 works to go against Tomonaga, though this leads to Momiji getting killed after having his heart stolen by Tomonaga.

Tomonaga eventually meets his end during a Separation Eclipse, with his two teammates being Ryou and Krishna. Tomonaga and Krishna fight and Krishna cuts off one of Tomonaga's arms, then almost kills him until Ryou intervenes and, with her seal 'Decoy', takes the blow meant for him. Tomonaga then escapes, looking for a way out of the Blight but ends up confronting Krishna who has become the master of the realm after killing the previous one, Yume. He destroys Tomonaga's soul by judging him with his own karma. Back in the real world where all the bodies of the students were left behind by the Separation Eclipse, Krishna takes Tomonaga's heart to replace the one he stole from Momiji.

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