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Sanjuurou Hinata
Name Sanjuurou Hinata
Race Human
Gender Male
Personal Status
Status Dead
Professional Status
Affiliation Class 1
Occupation Student/ Spy for the government
Base of Operations Naraka High School
Translation Wisdom
Seal location Neck

Sanjuurou Hinata is a student at Naraka High School and a member of Class 1. He is both the friend and roommate of Momiji Rokudou.


Hinata has dark eyes and long green hair, which he keeps into a single ponytail with a ribbon. He wears the standard Naraka High School uniform (but without a necktie, for which he's always scolded by his big sister, Touko Hourai). His character is located on the left side of his neck.


Hinata is the younger brother of the Director, Touko Hourai, who runs the school.


Hinata's abilities..

When activated, his character allows him to gain knowledge of blight that he is facing. However, as shown in his fight against the blight 'Banquet', he is unable to learn about blights that have not be faced before.


Original Meaning of 「智」

Above 「知」 -> 「矢」 meaning "Arrow" and 「口」 meaning mouth. There are two explanation of the meaning for the upper part 「知」. First: 「知」 means "to speak as fast as an arrow flies". It is said that people with rich knowledge can talk very fast because they know and understand many things. The other says that 「知」 stands for the ability to "point out precisely issues as an arrow hits its target". So this character stands for knowledge you gain from any kind of sources.

Below 「日」 -> 「日」 means sun but also "according" 「曰く」 

All in all 「智」 means telling precise information. 


  • He is noted to be excellent at studies, apart from English, which he fails miserably at.